CTC006753 - Software Developer, Python (Architect)

Job Type: Contract
Duration: One year
Work Mode: On Site


***Contractor is required to come on-site at least once a week (Thursday) We are open to hire for 3 other locations : Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City***

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist the team with Jira tasks that are more experimental in nature:
  • spikes, POCs, design
  • specifically, the tech lead should review all design work
  • Collaborate with other teams to:
  • incorporate new technologies and processes
  • share code and SDLC practices
  • Provide mentorship to team members
  • Participate in some code reviews
  • Maintain alignment between the technical focus of the team and:
  • business requirements coming from stakeholders
  • architectural requirements for new projects
  • new architectural requirements for existing projects
  • Provide leadership in strategical decisions
  • Unblock the team:
  • In general, seek out those points in the cycle of each sprint where blockages or delayed are occurring and find ways to avoid them
  • specifically, unblock the team when they need help with a technical or other blockage
  • Work with the scrum master to maintain existing SDLC practices and to improve on them
  • Maintain a higher-level view of the team's projects and their relation with projects of other teams
  • Provide in-depth technical input for:
  • refining individual Jira tasks
  • backlog refinement
  • Work with the PO to do detailed architectural design when there is no software architect available
  • Ensure that operational problems are handled in a timely fashion and follow up on outstanding items
  • Contribute to project meetings and report on issue status
  • Characteristics

  • Deep knowledge of programming, SDLC, Design Patterns and Software Architecture
  • Knowledge of the full development stack
  • Have design skills
  • Expertise in microservices, containerized development
  • Ability to create, troubleshoot code, infrastructure and orchestration of such an environment
  • Good expertise of CI/CD pipelines
  • Good expertise with Test Driven Development
  • Knowledge in IT Security (SSDLC)
  • Ability to create clear documentation that synthesizes the technical and business aspects of any problem
  • Critical thinker – demonstrated ability to tackle complex problems effectively and to take a higher-level view
  • Avid learner – continuous learner of all things technical and process
  • Team player – ability to work with a wide range of geographically distributed teammates
  • Great communicator – ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization
  • Focus driven – ability to manage stress and pressure in a collaborative environment
  • Transformational agent – agile and ability to mobilize resources and execute on critical initiatives needed to transform our business
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