CTC007286 - Virtual Repair Developer

Industry Sector: Telecommunications
Job Type: Contract
Duration: Six months
Work Mode: Mixed



Bilingual not required.

Hybrid role - 3 days in office

Provide a description of the typical day to day in this role. Contractor will be a developer working very closely with the team to improve the reliability of our APIs for a large customer facing application and will be adding new features to the tool to enhance the functionality.

What are the top 3 skills sets and qualifications you want to see on a candidate’s resume?

Candidate would have software based background (Comp Science, Software Eng, Computer Eng) and would have experience developing applications

working with APIs

working with data.

Python experience is an asset.

What will the interview process look like (how many interviews, assessments, virtual or in person)? Interview process will be 2 steps, a screening phone interview (roughly 15-20 mins) followed by a technical interview over video. Candidate will be given 2 hours to complete an assessment and then will join a panel interview for an hour.

What specific projects will be worked on? Virtual Repair

Responsible for developing software applications that operate on both the front-end and back-end of a system.

They work with stakeholders to identify requirements and design user-friendly interfaces.

They also write and test code, troubleshoot technical issues, and collaborate with other developers and engineers to ensure the application meets performance and security standards.

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