CTC007221 - Data Engineer

Job Type: Contract
Duration: Nine months
Work Mode: Mixed


What locations you would consider? Ontario – Toronto Creekbank

Is remote work available? Are there any required days in office? Mobile status 3days in the office

Provide a description of the typical day to day in this role.

The candidate will execute object builds using SaS or TD. There may be some meeting. The main focus to create data objects, ETL, investigations, data mining, data profiling

What are the top 3 skills sets and qualifications you want to see on a candidate’s resume?

• Experience with relational databases SaS, Teradata, Oracle & MS SQL.

• Advanced working SaS knowledge and experience working with relational databases, query authoring (PROC SQL).

• Advance working knowledge of Teradata, SQL

What specific projects will be worked on? Varying projects

Any potential for extension or to hire full time? Yes

Responsible for designing and implementing the infrastructure necessary to store, process, and analyze large sets of data.

They work with stakeholders to understand their business needs and develop scalable and reliable data architectures.

They also ensure that the infrastructure is optimized for performance and efficiency.

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