CTC007123 - SQL DBA Architect for the GoC

Industry Sector: Telecommunications
Job Type: Contract
Duration: Two months
Work Mode: Remote



Must be onsite 1/2 day to setup credentials

Work from home, except for the initial setup, which requires the person to visit a secure site in Ottawa

20-25 hours per week

Day to day - Architecting and validating a SQL solution that could be similar or different from the current environment

3 top functions

Architecting a SQL DBA solution for the Government of Canada

Migrating data

Build and testing

3 top skill sets -

Perform SQL Server installations

Architecting new solutions

Best practice for SQL DB

Experience with SQL Server High Availability options: Replication, Log Shipping, and Mirroring. Clustering (Failover Cluster) and Always ON Availability Groups (AG)

Qualifications -

Strong knowledge of MS SQL Server and related tools

Administration and Database Management background

Understanding of Relational Database Management System Concept

Experience in Disaster Recovery Planning.

Ideal candidate - Someone who has designed SQL solutions in secure environments in the past

No testing in interviews

Potential to hire FT

Must: Architect SQL, and security cleared (Level 2) to work on the Government of Canada

10+ years experience.

Subject matter expert in database administration both theory and design.

Manages one or several database infrastructures.

Design, install, monitor, maintain, and tune production and/or non-production databases while ensuring high levels of data availability.

May also be responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing database policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and availability of databases and their accompanying applications.

Typically works under the direction of a senior database administrator, project manager or a functional IT manager.

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