CTC007282 - Customer Service Representative

Industry Sector: Telecommunications
Job Type: Contract
Duration: Six months
Work Mode: Mixed



- What locations you would consider? : Creekbank in Mississauga, Verdun or Ottawa

- Bilingual is required, interviews will be conducted in English.

- Is remote work available? Are there any required days in office? : Hybrid preferred (in office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) – open to remote if needed to fill the position with a proper candidate.

- Provide a description of the typical day to day in this role. : The successful candidate will be overseeing our process to ensure Bill 96 compliance which includes; monitoring and addressing all requests received through our language preference web form, engaging the customer to provide direct support for their requests when required. In addition, the successful candidate will be responsible for identifying opportunities to improve the process, mapping of communication processes and regular reporting of the requests that have been received and addressed.

- What are the top 3 skills sets and qualifications you want to see on a candidate’s resume? : Ability to develop and maintain good customer relationships while ensuring confidentiality, Bilingual and able to gather/analyze data based on customer interactions to provide reporting and identify opportunities to improve processes.

- What will the interview process look like (how many interviews, assessments, virtual or in person)? : 2-3 Interviews (Virtual)

- What specific projects will be worked on? : Overseeing the process to support all Bill 96 customer requests.

- What is the expected hiring date? : Goal would be to have a candidate onboarded no later than June 20th

Responsible for responding to customer requests in a prompt, accurate and professional manner.

Handle any inquiries which require investigation or follow-up.

Ensure requests and inquiries are transferred to the appropriate area.

Develop and maintain good client relationships while ensuring confidentiality.

Use call tracking systems to log all inquiries for documentation purposes.

Qualifications include:

Previous customer service experience;

Excellent communication skills;

and Ability to handle tasks in a professional manner.

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