CTC007225 - Developer, Data Science

Job Type: Contract
Duration: Eight months
Work Mode: Mixed



1) 5 years experience required

2) Contractors will be on the same team but likely handling different projects

I would just add that they should have ability to support some of these models that are in production already.

  • Machine Learning
  • Python
  • Alteryx

  • What locations you would consider? Preferably Ontario – for timezone.

    If bilingual required, will interviews be held in French? No.

    Is remote work available? Are there any required days in office? Remote work available.

    Provide a description of the typical day to day in this role.

    Troubleshoot Data Science pipelines and Alteryx Workflows.

    Develop new pipelines / models / workflows.

    Develop Enhancements based on user requirements.

    What are the top 3 skills sets and qualifications you want to see on a candidate’s resume?

    Machine Learning,


    Python / Alteryx.

    What will the interview process look like (how many interviews, assessments, virtual or in person)? 2-3 interviews. Virtual.

    What specific projects will be worked on? Postpaid IF support, BBM IF Support, RCE Support.

    What is the expected hiring date? April 15th.

    Any potential for extension or to hire full time? Yes, possible.

    Responsible for designing and developing predictive models and algorithms to analyze and interpret complex data sets.

    They use their expertise in statistics, machine learning, and data mining to identify patterns and insights in data, and communicate their findings to stakeholders.

    They also collaborate with other data professionals to develop data-driven solutions to business problems.

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